IEEE Bangladesh section (IEEE BDS) and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Bangladesh Chapter is jointly organizing IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Automation, Artificial-intelligence and Internet-of-Things (RAAICON) 2024. The conference will be hosted on 5 – 6 September, 2024 at Institute of Robotics and Automation BUET (IRAB), Dhaka, Bangladesh. The mode of this RAAICON 2024 will be Hybrid (Physical & Online)

The conference will serve as a platform for academic researchers and research scholars working mainly in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), automation and their applications to exchange and share their experience and research results on diverse theoretical and practical problems. It will host a large number of keynote/invited talks from renowned researchers, project showcasing, and tutorial/training on relevant fields. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.

The RAAICON 2024 will be co-located area specific conferences/symposiums, namely:
1. Women in Engineering Bangladesh Summit 2024 (WIE BD SUMMIT)
2. International Young Professionals Activities Conference 2024 (YPCon)

Technical Areas: 

The scope of the conference includes but is not limited to the following areas:

✔ Robot design
✔ Robot kinematics
✔ Robot dynamics
✔ Robot control
✔ Robotic vision
✔ System integration
✔ Artificial Intelligence
✔ Sensor/Actuator Networks
✔ Robotics in automation
✔ Robot perception
✔ Distributed & Swarm Robotics
✔ Service & Social Robots
✔ Bio-robotics & Medical Robots
✔ Prosthetics limbs/ legs
✔ Behavioural study of robots & Robot ✔ Ethics
✔ Autonomous vehicles
✔ Robotics and IoT integration
✔ Multimodal Interface
✔ Robot vision
✔ Machine learning in robotics
✔ Intelligent system
✔ Mechatronics
✔ Bio-inspired robotics
✔ Cognitive Robotics
✔ Motion, path planning & SLAM
✔ Automation in life science
✔ Cloud-based automation
✔ Agent-based collaborative automation systems
✔ Cybersecurity in automation systems
✔ Human-Robot/Robot-Robot collaboration
✔ Modelling, simulation, and optimization of automation systems
✔ Power and Energy system automation
✔ Sensor-fusion for intelligent automation systems
✔ Smart factories, smart logistics and supply chains
✔ Smart automation in construction and manufacturing
✔ Smart home/building automation
✔ Smart and connected healthcare automation
✔ Sustainability and green automation
✔ IoT Edge and Cloud Architectures
✔ Web of Things
✔ AI and Machine Learning for the IoT
✔ Societal impact of the IoT
✔ Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the IoT
✔ Adaptive automation systems
✔ Adaptive/Robust Control
✔ Networked/Ambient Intelligence
✔ Nanorobotics
✔ Bipedal & Humanoid Robotics
✔ Assistive Robots
✔ Robotic Exoskeleton
✔ Climate Change Monitoring
✔ Climate Control Assistive Robots